GIRL SCOUT TROOP 1805 CREATES Anti-bullying Message!

I was so impressed to read about Troop 1805 out of Oceanport, New Jersey, in The Link News from November 4, 2010.  The Scouts acted on their own.  They hung anti-bullying posters in their school, purchased special bracelets for students who sign on to an anti-bullying pledge and even bought enough bracelets so the campaign can continue after they move on and graduate from the Maple Place School.
So far lots of kids at school have taken the anti-bullying pledge and put their signatures to the pledge sheet.
This is wonderful.  We need our kids to not only feel the pain of what it means to be hurt by a bully, but to care enough to influence other youngsters.  We often listen more to our peers than those of another generation.  This is a great example of smart grass roots action!
Good luck, Troop 1805!  You never know, your efforts may save the emotions and/or life of another youngster.
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  1. I am the leader of Girl Scout Troop 1805. I just read your comment about my troop’s Anti-Bullying Campaign and wanted to thank you for the recognition of the impact their work may have on others. Our troop will be meeting tonight and I will share your comments with them. It will help them to realize what an awesome accomplishment their campaign is and how it can have a significant and far-reaching impact on others.

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