Help Find Sunny the Cat a Home

 Please Help “Sunny” with information, prayers and maybe a small miracle that it turns out you should be Sunny”s owner. A stray somewhat feral cat came to our back porch in the early autumn.  His body was practically a skeleton.  I started to feed him.  He blossomed.  He gave up growling as he ate.  He let me pick him up.  He wanted to sleep on the bed!

Long story short,  I got him neutered and all his shots.  But he is not a good match for us.  He seems to need to be an only cat, at least until some of the left over wild is out of him.  He doesn”t like my 16 year old female and makes that very clear by attempting to attack her.  This is very hard on her as she has a heart condition. He is more comfortable with our 16 year old male-they ignore each other.  However, I think he would do best as the only cat in a household. He is now very loving and wants to sit on laps and be petted.
He recently bit my leg as I was getting ready to feed him.  This must have been because I put him last while I fed and gave medicine to the two older cats.  He needs to be first and I think only.
He is a beautiful short haired gray-taupe striped Tabby.  He has incredible love to give but in the right setting.  I should add my mom is very ill and I have to go back to Massachusetts all the time.  So I am under a lot of strain and time restraints.  Can you please help in any way?  I live in OceanTownship in MonmouthCounty, New Jersey.  
I would be happy to provide a good donation in money or in supplying cat food for a number of months to the right real “parent” for Sunny. 
In my next newsletter I”ll send a picture.  Feel free to write to me at one of the following e mail accounts:  or call 732-571-1200 anytime. 
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