Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein talks about her Book “The Truth (I’m Girl I’m Smart and I Know Everything)” on “A Fresh Start with Sallie Felton”!


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  1. Dr.H!
    Hey its ally ur bigest fan. Guess what im trying out for a writing program at brookdale arts acadamey! its supposed to be really hard but everyone belives in me and ive been looking at my karma and today made me feel blue but i swear if i dont get in i will b strong its life and no matter what you learn to deal right?
    well anyway my boyfriend says hiii. so i got some questions for you my dear do you kno any people that will publish the bbok im writing becuz if they cud that would b fantablulous my books about the journey through middle school and how im dealing with my challanges as a 7th grader who has had a rough life an all heres a quote frm it
    “when i looked in the mirror i didnt see the old ally i saw some one better some one who knew what life was and what i shuld be doing and if you have any idea what i looked like that day then you got to re read the last 4 chapters.”

    anyway i must dash
    all my creativeity and love
    ally v

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