Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein, Positive Psychologist and Education Helps Our Daughters and (Sons) Get the Education They Need

Writing The Truth (I’m a girl, I’m smart and I know everything) I put a lot of my expertise as a teacher, school psychologist and private practice psychologist into it. Your daughter, granddaughter or friend’s daughter may not realize that as she reads. But it is there. I felt this was crucial for the first positive psychology fiction book for girls, tweens, teens and their moms and dads. Although the book handles many subjects, including family stresses, the first crush, becoming a teen, with out education we are lost.

Here are some of the ways I incorporated educational practices, not all the best, into the book:

REMEMBER: Even on the basic level, the classroom dynamics can limit our children from effectively learning.

  • The ‘girl’ often feels that her teacher Miss Shannon ignores her.
  • She knows that many times when she raises her hand the teacher does not call on her. This really bothers her.
  • She enjoys studying so many things, science, outer space, diseases, pets, butterflies, poisons.
  • But, Miss Shannon never makes her feel like she appreciates her input or her enthusiasm.
  • And sometimes Miss Shannon yells really loud and one time she embarrassed another student. That made the girl feel really upset. Let’s look at what you can do as you use this book as a way to generate honest discussion with your child.

    Although Miss Shannon never really appreciates the girl and her talents, you as a parent can use the book to help your daughter or (son) thrive.
    Here’s how:Discuss the various school situations that the girl finds herself in with your child. How would she or he like you to respond in a similar situation? How would you feel comfortable responding? Would you be willing to go in to the school and meet with the teacher if your child felt she was being ignored? Or would you rather give your child advise on how she might behave so as to engage better in the classroom?

    Also, find ways to clearly appreciate your child’s talents, strengths, interests and potential at home or in the neighborhood, when visiting relatives, etc. so you become even stronger in helping your child feel as special as she is!

    The Truth Is: PARENT’s MATTER! Enjoy being an effective and loving parent or grandparent.

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